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2011 End of Year Letter


December, 2011


Dear Dharma Friends,

Happy holydays, and may you and your families enjoy a blessed and auspicious new year!

The purpose of this letter is to ask you to contribute to maintain the financial energy vital to keeping the wheels turning at Dzogchen Center and to help build and sustain a stable, long-lasting legacy of Buddhist wisdom and meditation practice in America. This message will reach you just in time for you to make an end of the year tax-deductible contribution to Dzogchen Center. We ask that you give what you can, so that we can all continue to practice and complete this precious path of liberation.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for attending our retreats and applying your energy and love to attaining enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings. The greatest gift you can give is your devoted practice of the Dharma. This is my personal commitment and life’s work: to help the liberating teaching and practices of the liberating Dharma spread, while striving to be make it accessible, effective and beneficial for those who are interested. With two feet firmly planted in the old world tradition and two in the new — My Mission is Transmission: Transmission of the Natural Great Perfection and the innate Buddha within. Passing this on to you continues to be the guiding light and force in my life.

It has been a delightful year for Dzogchen Center as the sangha has grown in breadth and depth, in closeness and connection as a community, and shown how together we can work to weather the economic storms and the challenges we face as a non-profit in today’s environment. We have kept our core program thriving, continuing to offer annually three seasonal intensive residential public retreats — two at Garrison NY and one at Joshua Tree CA — as well as two weeklong advanced retreats held at our blessed sanctuary and home of Dzogchen Osel Ling ranch and nature sanctuary outside Austin, which narrowly escaped the Texas wildfires which claimed thousands of properties ad homes in our region. I thank you all again for enabling us to sustain such a beautiful & peaceful spiritual sanctuary. Please pass the good word about our excellent retreats and accomplishments: Buddhist teachers’ conferences, prayer fests, words of wisdom send-outs, local sitting groups, translations and transcriptions, podcasts, and the other opportunities the Dzogchen Center and community allows us to provide.

We continue to face ongoing financial challenges to sustaining our present offerings as well as expanding our activity. It is time for us as a center actively to direct teachings and helpful guidance, mentoring and inspiration towards younger generations, via internet technology — through our website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, webinars and other modalities that mark this era of diverse online learning. All this takes resources. We invite you to participate in whatever ways you can.

Three main areas that need the financial support


  1. Dzogchen Osel Ling Maintenance and Improvements.

  3. Technology and distance learning.

  5. Retreat Scholarships.

Please take this moment to consider making a tax deductible donation to support Dzogchen Center and the future of this great tradition, whether specifically to one of the above funds, or generally for use where it is most needed.

The giving of Dharma is the highest form of the Perfection of Giving, Dana Paramita. The more we give the more we get. Let’s continue to travel the path together, one mind and heart, with joined hands and energy. With your practical help and heartfelt support the transmission of our lineage Great Perfection teachings can continue and expand. We can together broaden the scope of our work, enable more people to access the teachings, preserve precious teaching materials and translations, and support those who are already committing their time and resources to training on this sublime path.

I thank you in advance for your contributions in sustaining our mission of bringing BuddhaDharma and Dzogchen teaching and transmission to these shores in order to further spiritual wisdom, peace, happiness and well-being.

I wish you a greatly auspicious and fulfilling, happy new year, to you and yours!
In dharma and with love,

Lama Surya Das

(please see attached form)


Please fill out this form and mail it with your check or the signed credit card form to:
Dzogchen Center,  PO Box400734, Cambridge, MA 02140

Name: _____________________________________
Email: _______________________________________

Yes I want to contribute to the mission of the Dzogchen Center. Enclosed is my check made out to “Dzogchen Center” for:
__ $1000     __$500          __$250          __$100          __$50             __Other: $_______

Please apply my contribution to the following Fund:
__ Dzogchen Osel Ling Retreat Facility
__ Technology Fund
__ Retreat Scholarship Fund
__ General Fund (these contributions will be applied where most needed.)

Please charge my credit card: __ Visa          __ Mastercard          __Discover
Amount: $ ________________          Expiration Date: _________________
Credit card number: _____________________________     Name: ______________________________
Billing Address and Zip:_____________________________________________________________
Home phone number: ________________________

Follow this link to make a contribution directly through our website and simply click on the button marked

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