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Why become a member of Dzogchen Center? BecomeMemberYou’ll join a lively, growing, and exceptionally friendly spiritual community that supports Lama Surya Das’ mission: open transmission of the Dzogchen teachings.  Lama Surya is an authorized lama and lineage holder in the non-sectarian tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, passing to him directly from Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche. Founded by Lama Surya in 1991, Dzogchen Center has been offering retreats in the West for over 20 years. These retreats have been a sanctuary of renewal and discovery for many, regardless of their experience, age, gender or race—a place of wisdom and compassion in a world so greatly in need.  Wisdom is the endangered natural resource of these times. Your membership helps to keep the wheels turning at Dzogchen Center and to continue making these rare and precious Dzogchen teachings available and accessible to more and more people in ever-increasing ways.  These days, it’s not enough to just sit around and pray!  Collective awakening, and actively integrating the dharma into our daily life, ensures a better world. Lotuses-BB2Every connection is a meaningful one, including your connection through membership. The offering of material support for the teacher, teachings and community is a virtuous one—a timeless tradition of generosity reaching back to ancient times. Your membership in Dzogchen Center supports numerous programs: the development of our entire retreat program including the community teaching events hosted throughout the country by our practice communities; the preservation of the teachings through extensive efforts to record, transcribe, translate and archive; communication efforts such as our web site, and Lama Surya’s weekly Words of Wisdom; special events; and so much more. And, of course, membership support is essential for covering the overhead that allows for all this direct programming.

Membership has its benefits… All Dzogchen Center membership matters. Lama Surya Das’ mission is teaching and educating, transmission and transformation: Awakening the mind and opening the heart; preserving and upholding the timeless teachings and practice of Dzogchen, the Natural Great perfection teachings of Tibet, while adapting and making it accessible and practice-able here on our shores in modern times. We warmly invite you to join with us, heads and hands, hearts and minds, body and spirit, to co-create a peaceful world and secure future. Join our community! Join this great wave of awakening to the infinite possibilities of nowness-awareness, the authentic Buddha within. We offer two categories of membership with options for contributing, either immediately or over time.

Sustaining and Supporting Members may make a one-time payment each year or may elect to enroll in the monthly contribution program. Please join us by contributing at the highest possible level. Lama Surya Das and Dzogchen Center need your membership support to further the transmission of Dzogchen in the West. Join Dzogchen Center online today to deepen your personal commitment to the happiness and liberation of all beings, and to continue opening your heart-mind to the infinitely wise and compassionate Buddha within. Alternatively to pay by phone using credit card (MasterCard,Visa or Discover), call our office at 781-316-0113 to enroll by phone. For more information on Dzogchen Center membership, please contact us. BecomeMemberExisting members, we appreciate your participation: you can now use your email address and password to log in and manage your membership online. If you do not have or do not recall your password, you can reset it by clicking here.