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Participants find the Dzogchen Center retreats to be engaging, transformative, invaluable, powerful.  Here are a few testimonials from recent participants.

From our Spring 2019 Retreat at Serra

  • “Let me count the ways…Truly, there are no words- it was all gold”
  • “A++++”
  • “The entire retreat content was powerful and valuable”
  • “Lama Surya approaches the teachings from many angles/metaphors/techniques with his use of story and humor”
  • “Beautiful retreat- pacing felt just right- loved the silence and warmth of the retreat staff”
  • “I loved being removed from the hustle and bustle. It quieted my mind so that I could hear and digest the teachings- a fabulous experience.”
  • “The experience was amazing. I am grateful for the wisdom I was able to bask in this past week.”
  • “I so valued the opportunity to disconnect and practice intensely.”
  • “The teachers were fantastic. I also loved the yoga and (the) chanting.”

From our October 2018 Advanced Retreat

  • “The transmission of Togal and the experience of the practice were most valuable. It feels as if I had blinders removed that I did not know I had.”
  • “The combination of transmission, teachings, and practices was excellent.”
  • “Lama Surya das is a beautiful, gifted teacher whose teachings emanate their value and worth.”
  • “This was the richest in impact of the many retreats I have attended.”
  • “It was an amazing and transformative week, I feel greatly blessed.”
  • “I return every year to practice with my beloved Lama.”
  • “Thank you so much for the beautiful and heartwarming teachings. I am deeply grateful.”
  • ”Everything ran so smoothly- staff is the best.”
  • “What I most valued was the silence and practice in an empowered retreat container.”