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AH: Dzogchen Transmission Project

WHAT is it? AH: Dzogchen Transmission Project (the “AH Project”) is a small-group advanced training program designed to
create a living platform for Lama Surya Das 
to provide direct transmission and personal guidance, just as he received from his
own lineage teachers, and develop individuals who are willing and able to uphold 
the lineage mission of Dzogchen Center in
myriad ways. Building on the existing public program offerings of Dzogchen Center, the AH Project ensures that Lama Surya
can offer in 
an ever-deeper and more immersive way theprofound and priceless treasures of the Rimé nonsectarian
practice lineage, intent upon wisdom realization and ultimate enlightenment.

In addition to regular commitments of daily practice, individual study, and participation in Dzogchen Center public retreats,
AH Project participants commit to engage in small-group retreats, individual mentoring with Lama Surya Das,
monthly Zoom gatherings, group study, and seva (sacred service) to Dzogchen Center.

The AH Project is invitational by Lama Surya and progressive over several years. Participants are limited in number, so that transmission,
guidance, and training can be personal and in accordance with individual skills, experience, needs, aspirations, and practicalities.

How can I express my interest? At this time, the program is not open for new applications, but we hope to identify
additional participants in the future. Questions are welcome and all inquiries and questions should be directed to foundation@dzogchen.org.
The AH project coordinators will do their best to field all questions with guidance from Lama Surya and the Board of Directors.
Out of respect for Lama Surya and all that he is managing, please do not send questions to Lama Surya directly.

Any Questions?

You can reach us at foundation@dzogchen.org

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