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Lama's Live Virtual Summer

Join Lama Surya this summer for two amazing topics to explore.

Saturday, June 29, 2024 ~ 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM ET 
Death, Dying and Bardo
The bardo refers to the in-between, or transition stages: between life and death, death and rebirth,
falling asleep and waking up, between thoughts. They say that clear light (Dharmakaya, Buddha-mind)
dawns at the moment of death as well as other moments of total letting go and release. How to realize it
and awaken to our luminous deepest true nature during these liminal passages or even now?


Saturday, July 20, 2024 ~ 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM ET
Karma: The Mysterious Key to the Universe

Karma means action, cause and effect; or as Lama Surya likes to say – reactivity, inner conditioning,
and what goes around comes around. Who today doesn’t know of this ancient Sanskrit word,
and yet who realizes its useful and profound levels of meaning?

Buddhism teaches that everything is karma.
How is it that our lineage tradition teaches us that Dzogchen itself is beyond karma?

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